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Nature's filter.

Updated: May 12, 2020

Some of my favorite compositions are when the foreground objects are just present enough to create an effect yet keeps enough detail to the subject. I like to think of this as Nature's own filter from you favorite social app.

There are several key factors that go into this to make it successful.

  1. Distance between the you the foreground and the subject. I find best blurriness when there is a good distance between the subject and foreground but not to my the at the foreground almost fade out completely.

  2. Focus can be challenging in these situations because the camera may want to focus on the foreground rather than the subject. I lock in the focus once i establish it for these shots so I know I'll have the attention where I want it to be.

3. Composition I obviously do a lot in post editing around composition. Most of the time I follow the 1/3 rule but use my artistic freedom when I want. I like framing the story and composition through cropping, it gives me more of a canvas to work from in the source.

4. A lot of the time with these types a shot the eye is your best point of focus. This gives your viewer a clear spot to be drawn too.

I know not everyone finds these types of shot fascinating or preferable whis is OK. That is the beauty of art/photography and being and artist/photographer. You get to choose a do what you like. Coming from the professional design world this is one of the most liberating aspects of what I like about doing this art form, it's for me. And I am telling it to the world they way I want to.

So I thank each and everyone of you that to take the time to read, view and enjoy what I do. Hopefully it is helping you see the world a bit differently through my perspective.

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